Architectural Design

Fuller Associates has an expert team that is experienced in all areas of design, planning and management of construction projects. This enables us to provide a full range of Architectural services, from initial concept discussions through to the handover of a finished project. 


We focus on all aspects of extension and alteration, refurbishment, new build and development projects predominantly for residential clients, but also in the commercial sector.


Whether traditional or contemporary, existing or new, or an amalgamation of both, our primary objective is to ensure that we develop a unique approach to individual projects. Each one is dependent on its individual requirements, merits and constraints, to ensure a successful outcome for all of our clients.

Measured/Land Surveys

Either a member of our team, or one of our experienced Associate Surveyors are able to undertake a measured survey of the property and site depending on the level of detail required for the project.

Conceptual and 3D Design

The design sketch/concept stage provides our Clients with an initial understanding of both the spatial parameters of the proposed footprint, and the external material considerations in terms of size, shapes and colours. This stage also enables us to advise, and allows clients to assess the feasibility of the proposed ideas before developing. 


Our experienced team is able to discuss all project considerations and provide an overview of likely costs at this stage, which enables our Clients to refine their brief before progressing to a final design.


We are able to provide either 2 dimensional schematic plans, or axonometric and perspective 3D visuals, to accompany schematic plans, depending on the nature of the project and client requirements. The principal aim is to provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of the appearance of the building inclusive of any proposed alterations.

Developed Design – Planning Permission/Listed Building Consent

Once a final design has been agreed, we will complete the relevant drawn and written detail suitable to submit applications as required to the Local Authority. We will then monitor the progress of an application and liaise with the Local Authority through to determination. We also prepare and submit applications to Private Estate Committees where required.


Listed building consent is required for all works of demolition, alteration or extension to a listed building that affects its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest. Our expertise and knowledge in the renovation of Listed Buildings enables us to offer a design that combines traditional and modern materials and techniques which are sympathetic to each individual project.

Detailed Design – Building Regulations

Once Local Authority permission has been granted, we can then develop the design to provide further detail. We work with various consultants and specialists (Structural and Drainage Engineers etc.) and incorporate their information into ours to provide a sufficient level of detail to enable the submission of fully detailed plans, specifications, calculations and other supporting details to the either Local Authority Building Control, or a private Approved Inspector to check compliance with the Building Regulations ‘Plan Check’. Once checked, the information can be altered if required to obtain Approval.

Specification and Tender

We are able to provide a greater level of both drawn and written detail to enable Builders/Contractors to accurately cost the proposed works. The information for tendering purposes would typically include:


  • A detailed package of construction drawings suitable for the size/scale of the project.
  • A Specification document which outlines all of the Client, project, site and contractural conditions.
  • A schedule of works/Activity Schedule document which elementally itemises the works.


We would then pre-qualify and invite Builders/Contractors to tender, and manage a competitive tender process. Once in receipt of tender returns we would analyse the returns, query where necessary and provide recommendations to enable our Clients to feel confident in their chosen Builder/Contractor.

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