New Build – Slindon

We inherited a fundamental design for a replacement dwelling on a superb 2 acre plot at the top of Slindon, and sensitively redesigned this stunning Georgian style home. We worked closely with the Client to provide generous internal spaces which perfectly suited their requirements. An Associate Interior Designer and Landscape Architect worked with us to create a stunning end result.

New Build – East Preston

Working for a developer Client, we re-designed this large New Dwelling and are currently overseeing its construction. The design amalgamates traditional appearance and materials externally with contemporary modern living spaces and detailing internally. The property will be completed in Spring 2020.

Extensions, alterations and refurbishment – East Preston

Our brief was to significantly enlarge and refurbish what was a dated 1920’s house to create a spectacular ’New England’ style seaside home. We worked closely with an interior designer and the Client to carefully develop the interiors, and with a superb contractor we were able to oversee the completion of this spectacular property.

Extension and refurbishment – East Preston

After undertaking a feasibility exercise with the Conservation Officer at the Local Authority, we carefully designed extensions to sympathetically complement the original Tower, and went on to complete the extensions and a full refurbishment of the property.

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